Winther | E-Kangaroo Lite | one of the nimblest cargo bikes

Winther | E-Kangaroo Lite | one of the nimblest cargo bikes


The Kangaroo Lite is very popular with folks who want a smaller profile bike. The user friendly design delivers everything you need so it quickly becomes an important part of your family’s everyday life. The children enjoy being transported around in a safe and comfortable way.


The standard Electroc model is 9 gear with rear drive Promovec motor, 1 child seat, black frame and a choice of red or black cabin canopy 


Please see the pricing accessories and upgrades shown in one of the photos and we'll happily create an order with your chosen options. 

Net weight: 38 kg. Seats: 1.5 kg each

Load capacity: 100 kg, excl. driver

Dimensions: Length: 207 cm, width: 89 cm, height: 114 cm.

Cabin dimensions: Length: 93 cm, width: 71.5 cm, head height from cabin seat to hood: 64.5 cm.

Frame construction: Aluminium 6061 (rear) Steel (front)

Cabin base: Impact-resistant ABS plastic

Steering system: Head tube solution

Front wheels: 20×1.75 with mono-suspended hub, double-based aluminum rim and hydraulic disc brakes

Rear wheels: 26×1,75 with internal gear and footbrake

Wheel track spacing: 84.5 cm