Black Iron Horse | E-Pony | recycling excellence

Black Iron Horse | E-Pony | recycling excellence

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THE PONY is a fusion of design, safety and sustainability. Black Iron Horse's reimagining of the rear-wheel controlled cargo bike. THE PONY is the result of 25 years of cargo bike experience combined with the newest e-bike technology. Based on feedback from their customers, they have optimized all aspects of the rear-wheel steering bicycle. At the same time, they have prioritized sustainability and chosen to continue the production of the bicycle in Denmark, and to produce the cargo box using recycled plastic.


The rear-wheel drive is made for urban environments. The rear-wheel drive ensures better control than any other bicycle, since the bike can turn around its own axis. Controlling the handlebars require minimum effort, which makes it easy – especially for grandparents – to control the bicycle.

A total width of 88 cm, makes it among the most slender cargo bikes on the market, making it easy to pass other cyclists in traffic and easy to park.

The rear-wheel drive also ensures stability to the bicycle since the front wheels remain stable even with a heavy loaded cargo box – making the kids safe and you feeling good.

Safety and comfort
Black Iron Horse will keep producing their bicycles in Denmark.

The Shimano system has three settings determining how much the motor is going to help the driver and the motor delivers 60NM to torque. Everything is controlled from the display, where you are able to track speed, gears, and the reach of the battery.

The electronic gears are linked to the motor, and switching gears is easy thanks to the small buttons next to the handle. And to make everything super simple, the bike will automatically switch to first gear when it comes to a full stop.

THE PONY is delivered with two integrated front lights and one rear light. All lights are linked directly to the Shimano system, and are easily switched on with the click of a button. The front lights deliver 20 lux and are manufactured by Axa. This makes them able to reach as much as 40 metres ahead, and visible at a distance of up to 2500 metres. The rear light, manufactured by Busch & Müller, is discreetly installed in the end of the upper tube. It is the smallest rear light approved for use in traffic, and contrary to its limited size has an impressive reach.

Net weight: 28 kg. Seats.

Load capacity: 110 kg + driver (130kg).  400 litres in box

Dimensions: Length: 202 cm, width: 86.5 cm.

Cabin dimensions: Length: 89 cm, width: 66 cm.

Frame construction: Steel frame

Cabin base: Recycled plastic