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  • Allan Fowlie

What is best - Three wheels or Two?

Three wheels:

· Generally offer more space in the cabin for passengers and baggage.

· Able to climb hills without having to worry about maintaining balance.

· More stable when stopping and starting: you never have to put your foot on the ground.

· More stable on snow or ice, which can be hazardous for all two- wheel bikes.

· Can be walked more easily in pedestrianised areas or shared paths with all your children/cargo inside.

· Faster in frequent stop – start situations.

· More manoeuvrable, with a much smaller turning circle and able to turn very slowly when required.

· More "presence" when sharing the road with motor vehicles, which have to wait tuntil the road ahead is clear before passing.

Two wheels:

· Generally faster, especially on longer distances.

· Handling is more similar to a conventional bicycle than a three- wheeler.

· Allows you to ride faster on corners; but has a much larger turning circle, so is less manoeuvrable than a three- wheeler.

· Typically narrower, though generally 30cm longer, can therefore fit through narrower spaces, such as a smaller gate or gaps between cars, and be can be stored in a narrow space or even pass through front door of house.

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