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Big bikes, Big news, Big offers - hello 2019

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

We have had a grand year and there are even more exciting changes ahead in 2019, so we want to tell you a little more about Power to the Pedal (PTTP) and keep you up to date with some innovative ideas.

Pop ups, radio interviews and competitions.

2018 was a busy year for PTTP: did you come to the Cargo Carnival? We enjoyed sponsoring and taking part in Cambridge’s first Cycle Festival which looks set to continue to grow year on year. Allan gave an interview to Cambridge 105 about the evolution of cargo bikes in Cambridge and the beginning of the business and you can listen again on our website.

In 2018, PTTP also added the awesome Yuba range and provided families all over the UK with their own special solution for the school run.

Talented Taxi Trikes

If you’re an older citizen you might be lucky enough to be taken out for a cycle ride in a Triobike Taxi, under a cosy, waterproof red blanket, to enjoy an ice cream or a tea. Sounds nice, but what does that have to do with Britain’s Got Talent? The Triobike Taxi is exactly how Ant and Dec have decided to travel around town, on their way to the Britain’s Got Talent 2019 studio. The didn’t restrict themselves to an ice cream though, they had an entire cream tea! If you’re going to cycle to work, you should definitely do it in style.

What a great start to the New Year: Allan was asked to deliver the stars safely to the studios by bike. No pressure at all: just taxi two of the UK's best known stars all the way up the red carpet, EEEK! You’ll be able to see this episode in the spring 2019 and we’ll be posting lots of photos on Twitter and Instagram, it was an amazing experience. We include a coupe of photos that appeared in the papers.

Power to the Pedal delivers these slow travel trikes to care communities. The great idea is that older people can continue to enjoy the world outside their window by getting out for a bike ride which help tackle loneliness and isolation. (which out this BBC clip about Cycling Without Age)

They are amazingly versatile bikes and can be used in any place where people might need access or just want to chat while taking in the scenery. You can find out more on the PTTP website.

Happy, healthy, wealthy.

We all know how good cycling is for you and your family. We want to encourage more people to get out on a bike. The trouble is, the initial expense of a Cargo bike seems like a lot in one go, even if you’re keen to go green in 2019.

What if you could buy a cargo bike were able to spread the payment out over 12 months? Would that open up the possibility of a brand new cargo bike to you and your family? Would it break down the barriers between you and this environmentally friendly transportation ? Our Pop-up Cargo bike events in Fulham has given us the opportunity to ask families what they’d really like. We are setting up a new financial arrangement to enable families to spread costs for buying a bike. It’s at an initial stage but were working hard to find ways to provide this service. It will be subject to credit checks, keep an eye on our website and social media for more details.

Clean air

We’ve all heard the worrying reports of the effects of pollution on children, obviously cycling is part of the answer to reduce in traffic and fuel pollutants. We are following and offering support to a campaigner in London - LittleNinjaUK.

Little Ninja (David) is making good use of the loan of one of our fabulous Winther E-Kangaroo Luxes to compare the pollution levels of a child waiting at a bus stop or walking to school along a heavy traffic route to the pollution level inside a cargo bike. He’s using a sensor to take an accurate reading and the Cargo bike has been shown to offer some protection against the pollutants. One huge advantage of a bike is being able to travel through parks and quiet off road routes, so at to avoid the pollution as much as is possible.

Love your Big Bike?

We now have exclusive range of T-Shirts and Hoodies for sale, we have a bespoke graphic design of some of the world’s best loved bikes alongside some great captions! We held a competition to find the brightest cargo bike captions to offer, and people kindly took the time to find funny, cute captions. You can order a T-shirt / hoodie through our website in a range of sizes.

Here’s some of the captions you can choose from:

I ♥️ Cargo bikes

If you’re happy and you know it...cargo bike

I love BIG BIKES and I cannot lie

Ask for more captions and look out for more competitions.

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